Nomadic Star Foundation


Nomadic Star Foundation has the goal to harness the power of music and entertainment in mobilizing our young generation in raising their awareness of key issues that plague their communities. These include sexually transmitted diseases, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, illiteracy and the despondency of poverty.

Nomadic Star Foundation believes unequivocally in order to tackle these global social problems, the dynamic energy and enthusiasm of our youth needs to be harnessed. The appeal of hip-hop has spread across the entire globe; it has become the universal language for the youth. We find that young kids from totally different cultures are able to communicate, relate and unify through their love of this art form that has become a culture for today’s generation of young people.

Nomadic Star Foundation recognizes the importance of communicating with young people in a language that appeals and is attractive to them. Often today’s generation is left out of talks that will affect them in the future, when in reality they need to be represented in the entire process. Nomadic Star Foundation has identified that the tremendous amount of influence hip-hop has within our young generation hasn’t been tapped to its full potential as a positive force to inspire, motivate and educate our future leaders of tomorrow.


Aims of the Foundation

1Empower the youth to be our leaders of tomorrow by providing them with the skills to search for opportunities no matter the hardships they face in their environment.

2Provide a support system for young people that teaches them how to harness their innovation and creativity, towards achieving positive goals and encourage them to be part of the solution to social problems affecting their communities.

3Raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol abuse, drug abuse and sexually transmitted diseases.