Business Partners

Kreora Communication

Specializes in graphics, print and web design they have played an instrumental role in providing a consistent brand identity to the Kage Sparks image and have worked closely with the entertainer from the conception of his album The World Is My Block to bring his artistic vision to life.


Wolfcut is the talented director that has been working with Kage Sparks since the release of his debut album in providing cinematic videos to accompany his visually powerful songs. The two have built a great partnership and are currently working on numerous projects in addition to music videos, (check out Shaka Zulu video here) including a documentary and an independent movie.

Jason Bickley

Is the highly creative photographer that has been behind the lens on the majority of Kage Sparks photo shoots. Jason Bickley and Kage Sparks have formed a great chemistry and continue to work together on his upcoming projects.

Crown Dealers Inc

Crown Dealers Inc. is a song writing and music production company.

Nomadic Star LLC

Is a US based independent record label, co-owned by Kage Sparks along with two US business partners and his manager. His debut album THE WORLD IS MY BLOCK, was released on the label, his upcoming projects will also be released independently through the label.

Outframed Creativity

Is a creative think tank that specializes in social media marketing, it has consulted the Kage Sparks team in all aspects of marketing and social media for The World Is My Block Album.

A-Starlight Management

Is a brand and artist management company that has been managing Kage Sparks career since 2005.

Whenever I embark on a business relationship it is with the objective of building a long term partnership. Success to me is the contribution of many working together towards achieving a desired goal.

- Kage Sparks